Cockroaches Pest Control

RoachAche Service- Cockroaches Pest Control

This treatment is used against commonly found crawling household pests. Pests controlled in this treatment are Cockroaches, Ants & Spiders.

Spray method in which we control Cockroaches, Ants & Spiders. For this treatment customers are requested to Cockroaches Pest Controlempty out all cabinet. Foodstuffs should be gathered & covered properly.  Kitchen needs to be vacated for 2-3 hrs.

Gel treatment controls cockroaches. Gel method in which odorless, less toxic, convenient, very tiny gel drops are placed at hiding places. In this method customers need not remove stuffs & need not vacate house. Gel can even be applied during ongoing routine work. Live cockroach tend to feed on dead cockroaches. Cascading effect found in cockroaches results into secondary  poisoning to other cockroaches.

Our Packages For Individual Flats:

  • SiPest Control Servicesngle treatment.
  • Annual Contract with three visits in a year.

Packages For Commercial Establishments:

  • On proper inspection customized package will be offered.