Flies Pest Control

Flyache Service – Flies Pest Control

Mosquitos Pest ControlThis treatment is used against commonly found Flying pests. Pests covered in this treatment are Houseflies, Mosquitoes & Fruit flies.

Residual Application is the method to control flying insets. In this method Adult flying insects are targeted. Flying insects tend to rest in dark & on flat walls. Residual application on walls leaves chemical residue.

Most of flies have sponging type of mouthparts; some of them have chewing & lapping type of mouthpart. So residue intake in stomach causes death of flies. Although adult mosquitoes have piercing & sucking type of mouthpart, residue on wall will act as contact poison. At other end Drainage spray is done to control breeding of mosquitoes & larvae.

Houseflies Pest ControlThis drainage spray creates oil film on water surface which do not allow larvae to respire. It also eradicates eggs of flies & mosquitoes being larvicide in nature.

Fogging is also done to control adult mosquito. Fogging contains respiratory & Contact poison. Fogger breaks the chemical into particles & disperses it into air in the form of smoke. The kind of smoke it create is lighter than air & escapes in few seconds.