Spiders Pest Control


Spiders Pest ControlWeb-building spiders construct webs in calm, undisturbed places to capture their food. They live in or near their web and wait for food to come to them. They generally have poor eyesight and rely on sensing vibrations in their web to detect prey.

Wandering spiders actively search for and chase their prey. Passive hunters lie in wait and seize prey as it approaches. Hunting spiders live outdoors.

Spiders Pest Control Treatment:

Sticky traps such as small glue boards. Place traps along walls, under furniture and appliances, and in other undisturbed locations.

Lightly apply insecticide to cracks, gaps, and other places where spiders may hide.

The dust Treatment is most advantageously used in cracks and crevices and in attics, wall voids, and other enclosed or unused places.