Termite Pest Control

Termite Pest ControlTermAche Service – Termite Pest Control

Termite is commonly Known as White Ants. That’s why many customers know it as white ant control treatment. We provide Pre Construction & Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment.

Termite Control Treatment procedure:

Major service: It is injection treatment targeted to control colony of termite situated underneath the soil. Holes are drilled 1 foot apart at wall & floor junction. Chemical is poured in these holes to create chemical barrier all around your premise. These holes are sealed with white cement.

Pest Control ServicesTermite Control Packages For Individual Flats:

1-year warranty is given. Complaints if any would be attended & necessary termite control treatment will be done.

Termite Check up visits: 2 termite check up visits every year after first major service with interval of four months. Check up of affected portion will be done.

Termite Control Packages for Commercial establishments:

On proper inspection customized package for Anti termite Treatment will be offered.